Maverick Chocolate Watch Strap

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♪ Revvin’ up your engine listen to her howlin’ roar ♪

♪ metal under tension beggin’ you to touch and go ♪

♪ highway to the danger zone ♪

♪ ride into the danger zone ♪

Design Inspiration:
If these lyrics remind you of how Pete Maverick Mitchell zooms through cars and planes, you are not the only one! MAVERICK SERIES by KIMONDO is a collection of premium watch straps that embody the daring and adventurous spirit of Pete Maverick Mitchell, the iconic fighter pilot from the Top Gun franchise.

Italian Suede Leather Straps Maverick Chocolate

Each strap features bold colours that are sure to make a statement, including navy blue, olive green, and bright red. The colours are complemented by contrasting bold color stitching that adds a touch of excitement and energy to the design. The strapsÕ colours are selected carefully by our designers to ensure that they are versatile enough to match up with any of the watches of any style in your collection.

Leather brown strap suede

The MAVERICK SERIES by KIMONDO is the ultimate expression of the adventurous spirit of Pete Maverick Mitchell. It's a bold and daring collection of watch straps that are perfect for anyone who loves to live life on the edge.

Tech Specs:
The Italian suede leather is soft and comfortable against your skin, while the stainless steel buckle is sturdy and reliable, keeping your watch securely in place. The strap is built to last, with attention to detail and high-quality Italian suede leather that ensures it will stand up to the toughest conditions.