Maiorca Forest Green Watch Strap

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"The sea is a world of its own, and it is my world." Enzo Maiorca, holder of 13 world records in free diving between 1960 to 1974.

Design Inspiration:
With the Maiorca Series by Kimondo, you can embody the spirit of this legendary Italian diver who set records and inspired generations of adventurers. Enzo Maiorca was a true pioneer in the world of free diving, setting numerous world records and pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible, including saving the lives of dolphins from the depths.

Enzo Maiorca's legacy lives on through this collection of watch straps, which are designed for those who share his love of the ocean and exploration. By wearing a Maiorca Series strap, you are not only paying tribute to a diving legend, but also embodying his adventurous spirit and passion for the sea. These straps are perfect for those who seek to explore the depths of the ocean or simply want a stylish and durable watch strap that can withstand any adventure.

Tech Specs
These watch straps are made from Tectuff material, a high-performance material that is both lightweight and durable. This material is perfect for diving and other outdoor activities, as it is resistant to water, chemicals, and UV radiation. The Maiorca Series is available in a range of colours, including black, grey, navy blue, olive, and beige, so you can choose the colour that best suits your style.

Designed to fit perfectly with Breitling, Panerai, and IWC Pilot models, these straps give your watch a sleek and modern look. The Techtuff material is soft and comfortable to wear, so you can wear your watch all day without any discomfort. The Enzo Maiorca watch straps are also easy to install, so you can quickly and easily swap out your old strap for a new one.

The Maiorca Series is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to honour the legacy of this diving legend while also enjoying a high-performance and stylish watch strap. These straps are not only durable and comfortable, but also environmentally sustainable, making them the perfect choice for anyone who cares about the health of our planet's oceans. With a range of colours to choose from, these straps are sure to complement any outfit and add a touch of adventure to your style.

The Maiorca Series by Kimondo is a collection of versatile watch straps that perfectly complement tool watches, sports watches, and pilot watches such as IWC Pilot, Rolex Daytona, Submariner, Explorer, GMT, Omega Speedmaster, Panerai Marina, and Radiomir. These straps are also a great match for digital watches like Apple Ultra or Gammon. Inspired by legendary Italian diver Enzo Maiorca, these straps embody his adventurous spirit and passion for the sea. Whether you're exploring the depths of the ocean or seeking a stylish and durable strap for any adventure, the Maiorca Series is the perfect choice.