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Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project Strap Guide

by Gabriele Menozzi on Jul 11, 2024

Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project Strap Guide

Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project Strap Guide

The Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project, reference 311., is a remarkable timepiece produced in 2008. This watch, created in a limited edition of 1,970 pieces, is based on the “Alaska II” project which used a standard Speedmaster with a modified dial and hands, and an outer anodized aluminum “thermal shield”. This shield allowed the watch to withstand temperatures ranging from -148°C to +260°C, making it ideal for lunar or spatial atmospheres. The watch features a 42mm steel case, white dial, baton hands with rocket subdials, and is powered by the calibre 1861 movement.

Dark Blue Leather

This elegant dark blue leather strap adds a sophisticated touch to the Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project. The deep blue color complements the white dial, making it a perfect choice for both casual and formal wear.

Suede Brown Leather

Enhance your Speedmaster Alaska Project with this luxurious suede brown leather strap. It offers a classic look that's perfect for everyday elegance, adding a layer of sophistication to your timepiece.

Light Brown Leather

This light brown leather strap is a versatile choice that complements the iconic design of the Speedmaster Alaska Project. Its warm color is perfect for those who appreciate a standout look.

Blue Suede Leather

The blue suede leather strap adds a unique touch to the Speedmaster Alaska Project, offering a vibrant color that stands out. It's ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your outfit while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Black Leather

The black leather strap offers a sophisticated and timeless look that complements the adventurous spirit of the Speedmaster Alaska Project. It's an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their watch's presence.

Your Speedmaster, Your Style

Choosing the right strap for your Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project can dramatically transform its appearance and how it reflects your personal style. Each option offers a unique way to personalize your watch, ensuring it's perfectly suited for any occasion or outfit.